Services Offered

Table Massage.


 -Relax & Release



This technique uses a light to medium pressure to increase blood flow throughout the body and take away every day stresses all while helping you relax and slip into a place of bliss and tranquility


-Stretch It Out


"Work It Out"

This technique uses a medium to firm pressure while actively and passively stretching the muscles to increase your range of motion, create and increase blood flow to hurt or injured areas, reduce swelling and relieve pain throughout the body.


-Therapeutic Torture


"No pain, No gain."

This technique uses a deep and firm pressure to loosen knots, reduce muscle tension and reduce or eliminate pain throughout the body. This is for those who don't mind a little pain with their pleasure so to speak. 


Chair Massage

Chair massage is a style of seated massage typically focusing on the head, back, shoulders, neck, arms, and hands and frequently may be provided in 15-20 minutes. Chair massage is performed while clothed and does not require massage oil. 


A chair massage is administered in a special chair with arms supported and face resting in a cradle. The back and neck are completely relaxed while a therapist relieves muscle tension using Swedish massage techniques such as kneading and compression. The procedure frequently includes long broach strokes with moderate pressure. Chair massage may be administered in public venues, including the workplace, airports, and spas/resorts/hotels.

Please note that all sessions are customized to fit each clients specific need and prices may vary.*

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